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A Megamix From 2004 (info enclosed)

by Buddy Peace

01 'ZILLA' 02:18
04 'ZILLA' 08:28
05 'ZILLA' 06:16
06 'ZILLA' 02:54
11 'ZILLA' 02:40



I'll have this up on here as long as I can. If you didn't swoop on it before, do so! And for anyone pondering, this is something I made, with a friend of mine. It was on here for like 24 hours before, the ol' Kiefer Sutherland maneouvre, but I'll post it here for a bit longer. Before you read ahead - there is a TON of manipulation in the music, and can be regarded as a mashup and recontextualisation.

It's a Warp Records megamix, which was released in very limited quantities back in 2004. We were invited to make it by the lawwwds up on high at Warp, to accompany this anniversary DVD. We gathered all of our own Warp collections, and had access to the store (I left on some visits with arm-breaking boxes of vinyl and CDs, it was insanity), and basically had free reign to do what we liked with it all. Zilla was always a really dope and varied DJ, and while we shared a lot of common ground, he was also very heavily into the techno side of things, branching off to the double time worlds here and there which was always heavy as hell - but then he'd have this slow, downtempo headnoddical side which was that pure Mo Wax / Jazz Fudge groove style that I was really into. Loads of us in Kingston / Surrey were too, it was the home of Jazz Fudge after all! For his sections, he mainly used turntables and a digital multitrack with this old Pioneer effects unit. Maybe a sampler but I don't remember.

For my sections, I went full on MPC assault. I laid out some bits with turntables and jammed em out live but for the mix, layered them separately and agonised over them. The blend with the Aphex piano track over MPC drums, and the mix in section 10 with Boards, they were mixed in real time. The rest was heavy MPC programming, after effects here and there, and I got my SP202 involved as well for some parts (you can hear those - that ruff grainy sound). We organized the running order over a bunch of phonecalls, and somehow got it all together in a nice coherent fashion after a couple of months. There was a deadline and we pushed it, but we got there nice and clear of over-running.

It was a GODDAMN DELIGHT to make. I can tell you that as a Warp fan and a DJ / beatmaker. A true pinnacle of everything I wanted to be doing. I am eternally grateful for having had the chance to do it, and Zilla is the homie - we did a few shows after it all and he's such a dope DJ. It was a great couple of years there.

This is only gonna be up for a day. It's the last Bandcamp day of 2020, a year of the universe throwing a lot of what it had directly at us, and we all did what we could, what we had to and what we gravitated towards. It was complicated, difficult, frustrating and confusing, and at the time of writing I guess it's all still happening really... But it's one for the books and I hope lessons have been learned, examples have been set and good times are ahead. It feels like they are but what do I know. I didn't even know this was happening until little more than a year ago. Nevertheless - my love to you, and I hope that your years have been alright on the whole. Here's to something less universally rugged in 2021 eh.




Buddy Peace & ZILLA first collaborated on the self-released and highly limited "A Friendly Game of Chess" - the beautiful hand-sprayed CD's flew off the shelves of Warpmart, Rough trade and the Ninjashop and has since become a much sought-after classic.

ZILLA then released "One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air"
Earning comparisions to Coldcut’s ‘70 Minutes Of Madness" and ending up in many a 'Best of 2003' list.
ZILLA has also made 2 appearances on STRICTLY KEV & D.K’s legendary SOLID STEEL radio show, and had the honour of being the first (and only) unsigned act to play at the SOLID STEEL night.

Buddy Peace is well-known as in house DJ for Lex Records, having played at events alongside the likes of Prince Paul, Dangermouse and Sage Francis. Also resident at AI and Wheels Instead Of Hooves parties.

‘Watch And Repeat Play’ sees the re-teaming of Buddy Peace & ‘ZILLA’, especially invited by Warp to compile a retrospective of the label, the disc is part of the ‘Warp Vision the Videos’ DVD, available only with first pressings of the compilation.


released September 27, 2004

'Watch And Repeat Play' - A Warp Records Mix
Mixed, arranged and edited by Buddy Peace and 'ZILLA'

Buddy Peace : 2 . 3 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10

'ZILLA' : 1 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 11


all rights reserved



Buddy Peace England, UK

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