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Buddy Peace X Beats In Space (NYC 2005)

by Buddy Peace



Here's a little something from the past I thought I'd share with you, which is a pretty cool thing from a good while back!

I was fortunate enough to visit New York City in February of 2005, with some close friends of mine in our 'Wheels Instead Of Hooves' collective. My friends James and Rich used to put nights on around London, and I was usually a resident in some capacity (straight up turntable sets really). There were some really sick guests at a lot of the shows too- it was a mad time, and definitely very different to the way things are now (technologically, stylistically, all that stuff). Just very different! It's great though, I'm not on some living in the past nostalgia thing or anything like that- I don't go for that. It was amazing, it happened then and led to what's happening now, and that's awesome. We have some amazing memories, and that's the real bonus treasure from it all.

We hit up New York for some shows, taking our traveling circus out with us (a circus of about 6/7 people, so a kind of traveling carload I guess). We met up with Shadetek and some of the Warp Records folk, and had some incredible times out there with some truly great people. I did my bumbling Hugh Grant Englishman bit and managed to find my way around (the day I spent on a solo digging mission was the best- hanging out for 3 hours with a grizzled old record store clerk with like 7 Starbucks cups stacked up changed my life for REAL...), and New York residents were really friendly and approachable.

We managed to hook up a radio show visit too, with Tim Sweeney who is a very busy head from NYC and pals with the LCD Soundsystem lot. He ran this show called 'Beats In Space' which had some really dope guests on in the past, and I performed on one evening. It was pretty mental, in this little apartment block with a stand and a mixing desk, and your boy Tim runnning things from within. I set up, did a little set (which I had to edit cursewords out of on the fly, as there was a sign stating exactly what swears would get you kicked out- and I realised I had some pretty blue and salty records in there). It's pretty loose, nothing too flashy like but it was great fun and I'm still proud of it! I just didn't want it to disappear into digital obscurity, that's all!

The journey there was hefty as well- lugging around a huge record crate through the subway... I'll never forget that. I was envisioning some Warriors shit going down but it was actually incredibly tame. Thankfully.

He interviewed me at the end, so you can hear a fidgety and nervy younger me talking about all sorts too. Tim's a nice guy, it was a funny little chat.

Thanks for peeping, eh- like I say, it's loose and imperfect, but something cool from the past all the same.

Your pal,


released February 3, 2005


all rights reserved



Buddy Peace England, UK

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