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Go Mean! • [mixtape]

by Buddy Peace

GO MEAN! 46:55


This is a mix production I made for the 'Monday Jazz' website. I was approached to submit one and I decided to get dirty, and this is a hefty, rugged and dusty collection of re-edits, remixes and exclusives. It was mad fun to make, I love making these. Here is the website write-up:

"...Mondayjazz mixes already demonstrated, that they are open to different approaches, but when you hear sound wall by stoner metal duo Om or Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's voice in, let's say, more upbeat situation that can normally be expected, it brings thoughts about relativity and makes you wonder again contemplating on power of music, distinguishing boundaries etc.
As a proof we got very conceptual and deep mix Go Mean! by disk twister, music maker and beat chopper Buddy Peace from London. In his own words MJ mix No.126 is somewhat of a continuation to his album Wolf Diesel Mountain, but a little angrier and harder. Yes, it is harder than most of the urban oriented material, but it has some proper groove as well. There's is not much to smile or have a pool party to, but it also got some weird funkiness. And it's rather moody than angry. In general, character of the compilation can be described as heaviness - no matter what separate features you choose to spot, all of them have some true weight and energy. Weapon of expanding boundaries in this case is rock music. But not that alco filled, groupie minded archetypical rock'n'roll'ian side of it. And having that in mind, question arouses wether separate elements should automatically lead to a specific shelf in a record store.



['Static And Distance' introduction sequence]
Exhaust: 'Ice Storm'
Set Fire To Flames: 'Mouths Trapped In Static'
Godspeed You Black Emperor!: 'Dead Flag Blues'
Om: 'Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead'
Set Fire To Flames: 'There Is No Dance In Frequency And Balance'
Liars: 'No Barrier Fun'
Rachel's: 'Letters Home'

Prayers For Atheists: 'Bike Song'
The Black Angels: 'You On The Run'
The Roots: 'In The Music'
Tom Waits: 'Untitled'
The Roots: 'Don't Feel Right'
Yo La Tengo: 'Autumn Sweater'
Sixtoo: 'Rattlesnake'
Aesop Rock: 'Getaway Car' (instrumental)
Schooly D: 'PSK'

[El-P: 'Up All Night' (Buddy's 'Somnambulant' remix)]
Sonic Youth: 'Where The Red Fern Grows'
Q And Not U: 'Wonderful People'
El-P: 'Up All Night' (acapella)
Q-Tip: 'Manwomanboogie'
Akron/Family: 'There's So Many Colors'
Minutemen: 'June 16th'
The Sea And Cake: 'I Took The Opportunity To Antique My End Table' (remix)
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: 'Careless Love'

Erik Satie: 'Gnossienne No. 1'
Little Feat: 'Fool Yourself'
Queens Of The Stone Age: 'You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar...'
(...and the very early incarnation of the beat from B. Dolan's 'Still Here', which I produced for House Of Bees Volume 2)

[Goodie Mob: 'Cell Therapy' (Buddy's 'Life Was Hell' remix)]
My Morning Jacket: 'The Bear'
The Black Keys: 'Psychotic Girl'
Goodie Mob: 'Cell Therapy' (acapella)
Shawn Lee: 'Mary Jane'
Jurassic 5: 'Concrete Schoolyard' (instrumental)
Muddy Waters: 'I'm A Man'
Tortoise: 'Seneca'
Portishead: 'Magic Doors'

[Mobb Deep blend sequence]
Bumps: 'Intermission Pt. 2'
Mobb Deep: 'Just Step (Prelude)'
Jessica Bailiff: 'Overcast'

[Dessa: 'Poor Atlas' (Buddy's 'Shoulder Holster' remix)]
Dessa: 'Poor Atlas'
Cut Chemist: 'The Audience Is Listening Theme Song'

[Buck 65: 'Way Back When' (Buddy's 'Gold Mountain' remix)]
Om: 'At Giza'
Buck 65: 'Way Back When' (acapella)
Jel: 'Channel Assign'
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo: 'Truly Yours'
Jane's Addiction: 'Been Caught Stealing' (12" remix)
Of Montreal: 'Oslo In Summertime'
Jungle Brothers: 'I'm Gonna Do You'
Black Mountain: 'Faulty Times'

The Young Generation Must Die (interlude)

B. Dolan: 'Earthmovers'
Cecil Otter: 'Black Rose'

['Love Dirt' sequence]
The Stooges: 'Dirt'
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: 'Even If Love'

TV On The Radio: 'Ambulance' (Buddy Peace remix)

Clinic: 'Sunlight Bathes Our Home'
Grizzly Bear: 'Knife'
Broken Social Scene: 'Hotel'
Black Mountain: 'Druganaut'
Spoon: 'Stay'
Nina Nastasia: 'Superstar'
John Lurie: 'Flutter'
Yo La Tengo: 'Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop'


released March 31, 2013

Mixed / edited / chopped / artworked / mastered / rough-housed / strong-armed / man-handled by Buddy Peace


all rights reserved



Buddy Peace England, UK

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