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Late Model Sedan

by Buddy Peace

Datsun Gauze 03:57
Rcdmrdrflsh 01:37
Ample Champ 04:20



"There seems to have always been a radio on while I was growing up…

‘Late Model Sedan’ is the project that’s been sitting out in the garage (car-hole) since 2004. Years of collecting and sending away for parts, reading manuals, testing mechanisms and standing with arms crossed, looking puzzled down at the exposed motor that sneers back at me, chuckling at my mechanic skills. It’s been a long while in the making dammit.

Since all those years ago when I first caught rap radio broadcasts on a wood-look radio complete with two-pence piece jammed in the tuning display, the younger me was beginning to build on what would later be a burning fascination, obsession even, with American culture. The music, the films, the landscapes, the people – everything. And the cars… Wood paneled sedans, Chevys, Buicks, Cadillacs, the whole deal. I used to live near a place called ‘The American Car Centre’ which probably has something to do with it.

Years down the road, these obsessions remain and continue to grow, with the constant being hip hop music. Listening to it evolve over the years and learning how to appreciate other kinds of music (which took some time as back then I only responded to hip hop and heavy metal – you couldn’t tell me shit), I eventually grasped what I’d absorbed all the while and started DJing, which later led on to buying an MPC2000, later upgrading to the XL model. More gear followed.

Long story cut very short, the winding road leads to ‘Late Model Sedan’. The name’s been in the back of my mind since I started making music. I wanted to somehow incorporate everything I enjoyed listening to over time, with my own details carved into it and molded to my own specification. I wanted it to remain true to my mixtape history and blend it all into one sweeping experience, and cover the ground I knew I was capable of covering. Whether it’s spoken word, drones, straight up beat programming or micro-edits, I wanted to get it in there, and finish it off with a fine American sparkle while it sits proudly in the driveway (at this point in my life, I still can’t drive. I’m working on that…).

I like to think this will leave something with you, whether it is an overall picture in your mind or a phrase from within the layers of dialogue, or something else entirely. A passing car’s stereo… Or half tuned in radio waves from the older years…

It’s not the flashiest car on the block, folks. But as with most late model sedans, it’s built to last. I sincerely hope you enjoy. Drive safe yo..."

• ...and the official Strange Famous website writeup:

"Journey along a highway littered with electronic hip-hop, fractured spoken word, hypnotic drones, and ferocious straight-up beat programming, finished off with the type of fine American sparkle that only a UK production whiz could provide. Late Model Sedan is as mesmerizing when the needle hits 100 as it is while sitting proudly in the driveway."


released September 20, 2018

All tracks produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Buddy Peace 2008


all rights reserved



Buddy Peace England, UK

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