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Graphic Blandishment (mini beat​-​suite)

by Buddy Peace



I would like to start by crediting the gawd Pete Sasqwax for the spirit of this jammie. Pete (and Aupheus) are two of the main reasons I started messing with beatmaking on the iPad. I fronted HARD on iPads for a long long time. Super hard. Even beatmaking on my phone, I just never felt like it was something to pursue. It just took a small shift in perspective and looking at a few Youtubes to realise that, ohhhhh shit okay THAT'S what you can do. Even since then, near the end of 2019, things have moved on in leaps and bounds and I've seen a ton of incredible new apps and effects come around which have made making beats just a huge amount of fun. Like, properly taken me back to the days of cracking open the MPC and messing widdit for hours.

I made this beat suite on an app called Koala. I credit Pete Sasqwax for this one in particular as it was a tutorial he made for it which really flipped my wig. Look at his stuff here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0wihxUE6maLOFRrDI1xzQ - Koala is like the old MPC, in my mind. You can sequence by ear, or go in and rock the piano roll science. The workflow is very similar to the MPC (I had the 2000XL) but visually it's like a more modern version. You can edit nicely and do a bunch of cool stuff, and this whole beat came from their 'Samurai' update which raised the bar a bit. Now, I am barely even scratching the tip of the top of the iceberg with this, and it is a basic-ass beat if I'm honest. But I have a heck ton of projects in there and other apps, and I've used the device so much lately. Something about having everything in one place and this little box of tricks the size of an A4 pad, it just rules. I'm not turning my back on anything - this is an accompaniment if anything - I just love the feeling of being totally out of my element and gradually learning how to swim. That's what the IOS beatmaking did for me I think.

Anyway - I'm not being sponsored or anything, just letting you in on how this one came about. It's no shrouded mystery really. Just a bunch of ill drums and samples that I sequenced and heated up when it was outside the box. Some old microwave macaroni cheese type bizniss. I really hope you like. Thanks for peeping. This one goes out on Bandcamp Friday, 2nd April 2021. Peace and props to Bandcamp for being so awesome over the past year and for making these mini Bandcamp fests so enjoyable.

And thank you so so much to YOU for fucking with what I do.

It means immense things.



LYRICS • A guy says "BACK" somewhere. And someone says "YEAH THAT'S WHAT I LIKE". I'd say that pretty well covers it?


released April 2, 2021
CREDITS • All things by Buddy Peace.


all rights reserved



Buddy Peace England, UK

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