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Warp Records Tour (Italy 2005 • instrumental backing track MPC production)

by Buddy Peace



Every now and then I would produce a 'backing track' to use when I was playing live. This was before I had Serato - it was my was of making re-edits, sequencing something unique, and making something which was very much my own production unique to the performance.
Bear in mind this was in 2005.

Back then my DJ sets were basically pretty planned - not RIGIDLY but I had a lot of chess moves in my head which I could move to and within from record to record. Every now and then I'd get bored of just using vinyl and this is where the 'backing track' came in (but of course this didn't allow for improv moments, which was quite restrictive). These days I would very much use a real-time controller and make things happen on the spot, but as said - this was 2005 - I wasn't really messing with integrating computers in my setup and while I could edit the hell out of something, I wasn't flexing on Logic much. This is all MPC for the most part, and layered on the computer. This was burned onto a CD and I'd play it from either a CDJ if they had one, or a personal CD player.

My setup? Basic speakers, and everything by ear. Weirdly, the amount of time I spent on making beats and DJing, I wasn't super crazy about the 'mixdown' process - it did my head in, if I'm honest! While I just wanted to get it done after I'd programmed and sequenced it all, I wouldn't ask for help and I would lone-wolf the whole shit, which didn't do me any favours. I mean it did in some ways, but I was very possessive. It was all MINE! MY production!

I'm going through a weird phase right now where I'm going through all my old stuff from my storage unit, which is giving me a very hard look at my old habits, personality traits, everything. It's really tough you know. I can't regret anything - I can't go back and change it - and I am incredibly grateful for what I did learn and everything that has happened. It's just such a weird time - pandemic, yes, and all that entails - but simultaneously spending a lot of time in the past sorting out my personal effects. So strange.

ANYWAY! Rambling. I'm on my second coffee.

This shows its age. I was obsessed by certain tracks, as you'll hear throughout. Also this was for Warp Records, as part of the Watch And Repeat Play shows, so there is a bunch of Warp / Lex related gear on here. I just thought it could be of interest to some of you as I NEVER play this stuff to anyone - I found a bunch of it and thought, huh, this is pretty fun... Kind of a mixtape I guess.

Okay, I'm done. Peace and goodness to you. Thank you for bearing with me. XXX Buddy


released February 5, 2021


all rights reserved



Buddy Peace England, UK

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